PCN Staff

Clinical Director - Dr Rachel Yates

As a Practice GP and Clinical Director for Taunton Deane West Primary Care Network my role is to provide clinical strategic management of the service.  I work closely with the PCN Manager ensuring we are hitting targets, deadlines and providing a robust service which supports the practices in our Primary Care Network.  I collaboratively work with all members of the team and lead on Board level meetings ensuring stakeholders can challenge me to ensure the service is at its peak.  We have a range of staff in post who provide an excellent service for the community.

PCN Management

The PCN Manager role within the Primary Care Network is to collaborate closely with the Clinical Director providing operational support. Since being in post I have helped to build Taunton Deane West’s infrastructure in the Primary Care Network where we have an amazing team of specialists in place providing the best clinical and non-clinical support for the community.

Taunton Deane West PCN Manager is: 

  • Lynsey Oliver

Complex Care & Lead Nurse

With over 19 years of experience in Health and Social Care Sectors the Complex Care Nurse Lead conducts comprehensive clinical assessments supporting the care homes sector and the community within PCN Taunton Deane West.  Assists in the development of service plans and policies, works with professionals and services, monitors care provided, reassesses patients routinely and plans for higher level of care to be delivered.   Sets the standards for a highly skilled workforce to address holistic patient care across all care settings with a focus on managing clinical complexity. Have established arrangements for the MDT to enable the development of personalized care and support plans for people living in the PCN’s Aligned Care Homes. Works collaborative as part of the Integrated Care Systems, leads Quality Improvements projects within the team.

We have changed and introduced smarter ways of working involving professionals across the NHS, ASC, and private providers promoting intersectoral collaboration in the service of people.

We use digital technology to support the weekly home round and facilitate the medical input; contact all homes – welfare rounds - Proxy Access implementation, training opportunities, safeguarding advice, CQC inspection advice, medical triage on complex cases, ICP during Covid 19 staff support, and leadership within the limitation of the role.

Taunton Deane West PCN Complex Care & Lead Nurse is:

  • Simona Ionita

Clinical Pharmacists

The PCN Pharmacists work closely with the GP surgeries and other members of the PCN to improve prescribing, compliance and patients understanding of their medication. We conduct medication reviews for those most at need of them, including all care home patients and those on high-risk medication. We make sure prescribing is safe, monitoring is up to date and primary prevention is prioritised, such as blood pressure services and cardiovascular risk protection. We improve our patient's asthma control, through providing understanding of their conditions and the medication that is available to support them, whilst also aiming for more environmentally friendly prescribing. We also work closely with our community pharmacies to offer our patients more access to health professionals and healthcare services.

Taunton Deane West PCN Clinical Pharmacists are:

  • Monika Zak
  • Rebecca Barratt

Pharmacy Technicians

  • Nicole Maddison Bosley
  • Ally George

Musculoskeletal Practitioners

Matthew Bawden - Musculoskeletal Practitioner

Albert Balachandar - Musculoskeletal Practitioner

Jenny Chamberlaine - Musculoskeletal Practitioner


Michelle Jones - Cancer Care Coordinator

  • The Cancer Care Coordinator will work with the PCN team supporting them to implement and deliver the NHS England Early Cancer Diagnosis Designated Enhanced Service. This is a pivotal role and is required to support multidisciplinary teams and coordinate the pathway for patients with cancer. Our Cancer Care Coordinator will be working with patients to help ensure they have the right support to understand their diagnosis, what the next steps are and match the support that is available locally to help them during this distressing time. 

Alison Games Thomas - Care Coordinator with a Lead on Vaccines & Health Inequalities

  • The Care Coordinator will work with the PCN team supporting them to implement increase in uptake of vaccinations and screening, to include childhood vaccinations, flu’s and all other routine vaccines in addition to supporting the screening, health inequalities and health action plan and any routine admin. This is a pivotal role and is required to support multidisciplinary teams and coordinate the pathway for patients.

Sade Kingdom - Care Coordinator


Health & Wellbeing Coaches

A health coach can help you to gain the knowledge, skills, tools and confidence to take responsibility of your lifestyle choices and provide personalised care. They use broad knowledge of health and wellness to help you navigate a variety of health concerns and empower you to take part and be an active participant in your care and behaviour change. Click here for further details on the Health & Wellbeing service

The Taunton Deane West PCN Health & Wellbeing Coach position is currently vacant.

Proactive Care Team

Sophie Lonsdale - Occupational Therapist

  • Occupational Therapists will look at relationships between the activities you do every day – your occupations – alongside the health challenges you’re facing and your environment (usually your home). I recommend adjustments which are practical, realistic and personal to you. The aim being to enrich your participation in everyday life whilst reducing risk - such as falls. I will encourage people to plan ahead and take better control of their health conditions. This helps you to reduce the risk of finding yourself in a health crisis – such as an admission into hospital. My assessments are holistic and take into account both your physical and mental wellbeing.

Hazel Perry - Senior Care Coordinator & Advanced Care Navigator

  • The post holder will be responsible for the provision of wide-ranging and efficient secretarial and administrative support to Taunton Deane West Primary Care Network to include the arrangement, organisation and minute taking of multidisciplinary team (MDT) meetings in a timely and effective way and comprehensive correspondence, diary and document management. 

Sharon Blakeman - Proactive Care Team Project Support

Mihaela Dragan - Proactive Care Nurse

  • With over 8 years’ experience in care for elderly people in Health and Social Care Sector , the Proactive Care Nurse offers proactive clinical support to vulnerable patients and those with complex physical or mental health needs who are at risk of future hospital admission within Taunton Deane West Primary Care. The aim is to improve their quality of life and healthcare experience and therefore reduce the risk of emergency hospital admission. The main duties are practice based to carry out holistic reviews using a patient centred approach that looks at medical, functional , mental, and social circumstances.

SASP Health & Wellbeing Coach


General Practice Assistants

Sade Kingdom - General Practice Assistant

Adult Mental Health Worker

Samantha Bradford - Adult Mental Health Worker

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