University of Bristol - Study of a domestic abuse group programme

14 December 2021

It's not ok to hurt your partner poster

The REPROVIDE study of a domestic abuse group programme, is testing a programme to help men who are concerned about their behaviour in relationships with women. Although there is some evidence to suggest that group programmes might be helpful for men who want to stop being abusive, there is not yet enough evidence to understand the outcomes, impact and effectiveness of such programmes and this is what the University of Bristol study seeks to do.

If you are worried about your behaviour and are looking for a programme please either phone or text REPROVIDE on 07976 22 5462 or 07870 376 548, email them at or complete this form.

A member of the research team will be in touch to discuss your options without judgment. Your information will be treated in confidence.

If you are a partner or ex-partner and would like to contact the research team with a question about this, please use the email:

If you are a professional seeking to refer someone you are working with please contact the research team using the email: or phone us on 07976 22 5462 or 07870 376 548.

More information available here.

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