1. Use NHS App on your Mobile, IPAD or Tablet


Already using NHS App. 

Download it FREE from the Apple Store (Apple device) or the Google Play Store (Android device)

App Store Image Google Play Image

Once downloaded, follow the instructions on screen to apply for an NHS login, once done, you will be able to use the NHS App.

The following infographic produced by Sussex NHS Commissioners helps to explain how to register onto the NHS App using a tablet or smartphone.

How to register on to the NHS App using a tablet or smartphone

You can also visit the Sussex ICS website here for further information on how to get started using a tablet or a smartphone. 

If you don’t have a Photo ID you will need to:

1) Visit your surgery and complete a form to apply for online access.  You will need to bring with you one photo ID such as passport or drivers licence and one form of ID with your home address on such as a recent utility bill or bank statement.

Your surgery will then give you your access codes and step by step instructions on what to do next.


2) If you have already been using online services, such as Patient Access, you can use the access codes that you were originally given by your surgery (Linkage Key, ODS Code, Account ID).

If you no longer have these codes, please contact your surgery using this online form, asking them to please re-issue your online access codes.